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Kallyas V4.0.4 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Wordpress Theme

Kallyas is an ultra-premium, highly-responsive WordPress Theme built for today websites. It’s super flexible, clean design (and code), without modesty, one of the most complete theme ever created. It has the latest techologies and trends and it can be used in a huge variety of domains.

UPDATE 4.0.4 / 29.09.2015

Added: "Set in theme options" value for the hide sub-header in page options
Added: Default template when editing the shop page for the first time with pagebuilder
Added: Ability to edit the blog archive page with pagebuilder
Added: Option to choose what type of content to display on blog archive pages
Added: Option to disable the compact style in portfolio single page
Added: Main-navigation submenus - prevention for exiting viewport
Added: Option to choose custom image sizes for recent works element
Added: Anchor Point Element for generating an empty element with an unique ID that can be used as an anchor point
Fixed: Sticky header + relative header and no subheaders
Fixed: Padding siteheader + site-content top padding
Fixed: WordPress Gallery displays in lightbox only the first row of images
Fixed: Error displayed on Addons page on older php versions
Fixed: Side by side menu widget not displaying proper menu
Fixed: WooCommerce "more" button appearing twice in certain scenario
Fixed: Portfolio PB element pagination not working on frontpage
Fixed: Chaser menu appearing always on pages with no sub-header
Fixed: Header navigation display on smaller devices and for classic header styles
Fixed: WooCommerce cart-widget displaying sidebar
Fixed: Refresh Page-builder data upon plugin deactivation
Fixed: Better functionality for WooCommerce product images hovering
Fixed: SSL compatibility for admin
Fixed: Social icons on coming soon hide not working
Fixed: Submenu placed under sub-header bottom mask
Fixed: Map can be dragged on Windows Surface Pro
Fixed: Firefox page-builder window problems
Fixed: Shop Archive element which resulted in an infinite loop in a normal page
Tweak: Hidden WooCommerce page-builder elements in WooCommerce is not installed
Tweak: Theme convert system to add WooCommerce archive element on shop pages
Tweak: Added extra checks for comments opened in pages
Tweak: Static content text and register : A notice appears to inform about the global user registration option
Tweak: Improved compatibility with W3 total cache plugin
Tweak: Portfolio sticky description
Tweak: Dummy data import process
Tweak: Image resize functionality improvements
Tweak: Google Maps element code checks
Tweak: General improvements and tweaks to Icon Manager
Updated: Cute slider to fix widget notice
Updated: Cute slider to resolve SSL errors and made it SSL-friendly

Demo: ThemeForest

Dowload 114.7MB:

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Kallyas V4.0.4 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Wordpress Theme

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Kallyas V4.0.4 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Wordpress Theme

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Kallyas V4.0.4 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Wordpress Theme

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