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GBC Romset V2 0 929 Games No-Intro No Duplicates No Hacked ROMS Incl Extras

For anyone that has gotten the previous versions, I want to point out something. I did not reupload the pack just for a handful roms less. If anything this should be the final update I do for it, for a long time at least. I removed a handful of duplicates and updated a lot of missing roms.

Now to the rompack! I always am looking for romsets that are meant to have only a single rom for each game, rather than a lot of different versions of it, but never am able to find them. I finally managed to make this for myself and thought of sharing it, for people like me.

So this Romset is meant to be one that does not have any duplicate games in it and it is NOT for collectors, but for people that want to just get the roms and play, without having 5-6 different versions of the same game. My target is to keep a single game out of all the different releases, meaning that there should be only a single rom for each game.

I have gotten these roms from Emuparadise and thus decided to share them packed all together, rather than each one separate. If you want to play only some games and not download them all, then visit Emuparadise and get them from there.

This Romset is made from the large romset offered at Emuparadise and updated with the latest No-Intro (no hacked games) pack from Emuparadise.

I have tried my best to not have duplicate games, but even so, there might be a couple left that I did not detect. If you find any duplicate game, please do report it in comments.

Main ROMSet
There are 564 American/European roms and 365 Japanese roms, in the main pack. The priority of the roms I chose is USA, then Europe, then Japan and finally other regions. This time I made sure to update all the roms and remove any possible duplicate rom, even if the roms had different names.

Even if all roms are meant to be clean working roms, there are some rare exceptions. Games marked with (b) (there are none in the main pack) are meant to be bad dumps, but the reason they are in there, it is because there are no good dumps of them, and I keep them in my list to see if working roms of them will appear.

Games marked with Proto (there are 8) are meant to be what you would call Alpha release. Some actually work normally, but others barely can be called games.

Games marked with Beta (there are none in the main pack) are meant to be glitchy, but should work mostly fine.

There are a couple Roms that are neither English nor Asian."Suske en Wiske - De Tijdtemmers ~ Bob et Bobette - Les Dompteurs du Temps", Taxi 2 and Taxi 3 are French and there are also 18 German roms. This is not a mistake, I just could not find them in English.

I have also included some separate extra packs of roms, which are either BIOSes, SNES pirate or hack games and some other oddities.

Loppi Puzzle Magazine(Japan) are not really games per se. They are more like a crossword magazines in GBC. I just felt they did not need to be in the main pack.

Pirate, Unlicensed Carts and Unknown can be games that for one or another reason were not Licensed, but are good games, to bootlegs or just some ROMS I could not check for integrity. Just shuffle through them, delete what you do not care for and keep whatever you like.

If you wonder what are the Public Domain roms, you can look it up in wikipedia, since you will understand it much better, than me trying to explain.

Games List
I have compiled a list of the Main Romset games in different formats, from normal text, to rtf and two different type of excel formats. The txt and rtf obviously can be read by the default Windows document readers, Notepad and Wordpad. The txt is simple where the rtf looks like a nice list in boxes, looking like an excel.

The Excel ones, ods and xml, are for either OpenOffice or Microsoft Office and they have filters to filter out versions and regions.

Just wanted to point out, that even if VBA-M is the most famous GB-GBC-GBA emulator out there, I have found roms that get stuck with it. If you will use it, make sure to go to Options>GameBoy>Configure and choose for Emulated System > Automatic.

In my opinion there is an even better emulator out there for GB and GBC roms, and that is BGB. Not only it seems to work with all GB-GBC roms, but also it emulates Super Gameboy's border. A lot of roms are enhanced for SGB, so that means you will be able to see the nice boarder, for nostalgia's sake. If you pick up BGB, remember that to get the menu, you have to right click on it, since it is just a plain box. The first thing to do is to go to Options>System>Emulated System and choose SGB+GBC. That way you will get both the nice colors of the GBC and the border of SGB, for at least games that support both. In Options>Graphics>doubler, choose hq2x, which will smooth out the graphics, if of course you want the graphics to be filtered. Finally in Options>GB Color>Scheme you can choose the colors of the GB Monochrome. I like the warm colors of Super Gameboy, but also the greenish ones that remind me of my old GB. But you can choose whatever color scheme you want.

Finally I want to suggest LaunchBox. Launchbox is a frontend for multiple emulators and if anything it is the best I have found out there. It is easy to import games in it's interface, it suggests the best emulator to get when for each console, when you try to add an emulator and it has the best interface I have found. Weirdly, I like the free UI it offers (LaunchBox) and not the paid one that people that buy it can get (BigBox). The LaunchBox UI shows every game in a list with a picture of the cover or a from in game and that is really nice for me. The paid UI it offers just shows a list and only when you choose the name you can see any pictures of it. It can automatically look into picture databases and download pictures for a lot of the games. You can check the to see what I mean.

Language: English/Multi
Format: rom files
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 499.03 MB
Password: -

http://www.share-online.biz/dl/2ANZPBJO0YBR http://www.share-online.biz/dl/FBMZPBJOMQ

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Mitglied seit: Jan 2015
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GBC Romset V2 0 929 Games No-Intro No Duplicates No Hacked ROMS Incl Extras



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