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[Downtime] tehparadox

Hat jemand Infos zu tehparadox? Ist es tot, oder sind die Probleme vorübergehend?

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Benutzerbild von Nebuchadnezzar
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[Downtime] tehparadox

Würde mich auch schwer interessieren, denn die Seite tehparadox.com war echt super.

Hat zufällig jemand Infos?

Und kennt einer vielleicht ein paar gute Alternativ-Foren im englischsprachigen Raum, bzw. speziell für englischsprachige Sachen?

Ich kenne noch warez-bb.org und forum.dirtywarez.com, aber die sind lange nicht so gut wie tehparadox.com gewesen ist.

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[Downtime] tehparadox

While waiting for an answer from Gandolph, I'll humbly try to summarize the whole thing for everybody, especially for people who just found their way here (hello kiwi) to save them from reading all messages in this rather confusing layout.
Here's what we do know for sure:
TP was definitely online that day, therefore I (and a lot of people) assume he knows about the situation.
TP hasn't made any comments whatsoever, not spoken to the mods or people in the know, not announced anything through twitter etc.
Therefore whether the site is gone for good / gonna be back is unknown. We keep speculating, but no solid information either way.
The accounts by phenom / joeking are fake, and the stuff he says is all lies. (Still waiting to see if he'll try the same stuff with a third account) Like ecortez said, don't even bother with him, not really worth it.
Here's what we don't know for sure, hopefully someone might shed a light on:
When you try to access the site, it gives a timeout error, not a "server not found / page does not exist" error. Can this mean the site is not shut down for good, but it's only a temporary problem with the server?
Most importantly, where is TP?
I like to think he's working on it at the moment, looking for a new server perhaps. Or it could be a database error and he could be trying to rebuild it, whatever, doing something. (A member even suggested that the servers might be hit with ransomware) It could also be that he has personal issues that keep him from dealing with this. I mean, who can blame anyone if they have to deal with family / sickness / important real life issues and forget about their forum for a few days? But all we need is a simple explanation. Even a "We'll be back" or "Sorry, bye" would be enough.
Old timers say the forum has had longer offline periods. So we are hopeful that it will be back online soon, but it's been 10 days already. This silence from TP is discouraging, but we're still optimistic.

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Benutzerbild von Nebuchadnezzar
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[Downtime] tehparadox

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Danke für die Info!

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